Community Centre, Ludesch – Austria

The starting point for the design of the community centre of Ludesch was to provide a lively and central place of communication. Due to the fact that in Ludesch the church, the school and the municipal office are not situated in a coherent way, a historical village square is missing. This gap is filled with the new community centre which interprets anew the local situation of space and is the final end of the main street of the village

Three structures, developed to adapt in size to the context of the small-sized structure of the village, are built close together and form a clearly defined exterior space. Small alleys in between the structures, several entrances and stairways offer different ways within and through the community centre, where one finds not only community facilities. Besides the community hall, library and municipal office, you can also find a coffee shop with outdoor seating, a post office, two shops, childcare facilities, offices and rehearsal rooms for the choir and the local band, all providing the desired variety and frequency. In fact, the centre and platform of the development of this site is the new village square. It is surrounded on three sides by the structures of the community centre and protected from effects of the weather by a translucent roof made of photovoltaic elements and herewith a public space for the different activities of village life is created; an open, but clearly defined shape, whose atmosphere is defined by the ever-changing game of light and shadow.

Due to the fact that Ludesch is a community which has been involved for many years in the active protection of the environment, the new community centre would obviously serve as the realization of an ecological prototype building. Not only was a timber construction with a “passive house” standard created with an accordingly low energy demand during operation, but the whole building process including all utilized materials was optimized through a special aid program with regard to the sustainability, compatibility and protection of resources. With the help of the financial controlling it was pointed out that through the utilization of ecological construction material, the energy needed for the production of the materials could be halved with only 1.9% additional costs.

In this way, the community centre of Ludesch demonstrates that it is possible to realize an overall sustainable approach without a significant increase in cost.

(Text: Claudia Wedekind)

Community Centre, Ludesch


Gemeinde Ludesch


Hermann Kaufmann



Gross Floor Area

3582 m²


Ludesch -A-

Author Life Cycle Analysis

Holger König

Tool used for LCC and LCA Calculation


Photo source: Neubau ökologisches Gemeindezentrum Ludesch
R. Wehinger, K. Torghele, G. Mötzl, G. Bertsch, B Weithas, M. Gludovatz, F. Studer, et. al.
Berichte aus Energie- und Umweltforschung, 51/2006
Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie
Radetzkystraße 2, 1030 Wien

More: Bauen mit Holz - Wege in die Zukunft - Herrmann Kaufmann, Winfried Nerdinger - Prestel Verlag, München 2012, ISBN 978-3-7913-6392-3