Energy-Plus School, Hohen Neuendorf

The primary school in Hohen Neuendorf, north of Berlin, is the first new-build plus-energy school building in Germany. The building has a gross floor area of 7.414 m² and is designed to enable primary school teaching in accordance with contemporary needs. The project comprises of the construction of a primary school with an integrated triple-field sports hall. The integrated design approach conceives all technical, energy-based and functional requirements as an integral part of the architecture and permits a lean technical concept with a simple, easily controllable and low maintenance engineering system for reaching high a comfort indoor climate. The goal of the project is to show, that it is possible to realise a Plus Energy School building without increased costs in comparison to a “normal” new building.
Energy-Plus School, Hohen Neuendorf
Based on the aspiration of Hohen Neuendorf to become a Green City and the need to minimise the long term running costs, the main objective for the design of the primary school was to develop a sustainable concept that provides good learning and teaching conditions with low operational costs for the commune. The task was to develop an integrated architectural design that integrates the technical needs, the conditions of use, users behaviour and the economical and ecological requirements. The building complex comprises a primary school and a sports hall. The primary school is designed for 540 pupils and has 18 classrooms, specialist rooms for arts, music, computing, nature sciences, a small library and a cafeteria. A central “school street” connects all functions of the building. The classrooms are oriented to the south. The sports hall has a floor area of 1215 m2 and is divisible into three parts. The total floor area of the two storey building is 7.400 m2


City of Hohen Neuendorf


IBUS Architekten+Ingenieure, Bremen und Berlin



Gross Floor Area

7.414 m²


Hohen Neuendorf

Author Life Cycle Analysis

Holger König

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Energy-Plus School, Hohen Neuendorf

Text source: Lütkemeyer I., Krause J., Energy-Plus Primary School, Hohen Neuendorf, Germany in SB11 Helsinki World Sustainable Building Conference Proceedings, Special Forum 2 Zero Energy Building, 18-22 October 2011

Photo source: Lütkemeyer I. Präsentation SB11 Helsinki World Sustainable Building Conference Kongressakte, Special Forum 2 Zero Energy Building, 18. Oktober 2011