Youth-Center, Munich-Hadern

The youth-Center in Munich-Hadern is a 2-storeys wood building with low energy consumption, nearly to the passive house standard. It is a replacement-building for an existing youth-meeting-point of 1976. The new slim building is oriented in the east-west direction.
For the primary construction and for the complementary elements were used ca.200m3 of wood and ca.90m3 of cellulose. The modular elements ensured a high prefabrication degree and a short construction time on the building site.
The passive-house-level was reached also through the compactness and the highly thick construction.

Objective of the architects was the use of materials and components with a good balance between energy, ecology and technology.

Youth-Center, Munich-Hadern


Landeshauptstadt München, Sozialreferat



Gross Floor Area

642,21 m²



Author Life Cycle Analysis

Holger König

Tool used for LCC and LCA Calculation


Source: Poster Jugendfreizeitstätte am Wolkerweg 15 in München-Hadern, Lichtblau Architekten, München