Gebhard-Mueller-School, Biberach

Gebhard-Müller-Schule, Biberach/Riss

The new Gebhard-Mueller School building, which is the home of the business school in the Biberach District Vocational School Centre, was designed as a low-energy building, and to provide an excellent high comfort educational environment for around 1.650 students and approximately 100 teachers. The ambitious design and energy concept of the new school building proved itself during the  rst three years of operation. The intended target value of 30 kWh/m²a overall heating energy consumption was in additon to the innovative building standards fully met due to well-working optimization measures, which were identied through monitoring of the building operation.

The three-storey school building comprises one wing along the access road. Two cubic building structures, in which the classrooms are situated, join onto this wing. All building structures are interconnected by a central hall in the main wing. Running along the hall in the suspended ceiling is the equipment channel, from which the supply channels branch off into the corridors and rooms. The building has two atria. The large atrium is suitable for school events (approximately 500 seats)and for concerts, as it has very good acoustics. An underground car park is situated underneath the building.


Administrative district of Biberach/Riss

Construction Period


Gross Floor Area

11.650 m²



Tool used for LCC and LCA Calculation


The life-cycle-analysis (LCA and LCC) with LEGEP calculates the school building for a life cycle of 50 years.