Quartier Normand, Speyer

Quartier Normand, Speyer

The historical building ensemble as a given frame shows regional diversity and identity. 8.500m² former military buildings used as flats for soldiers and officers’ bureaus have been refurbished. This area in the center of the town was isolated for 110 years. In 2003/2004, the city of Speyer sold the historic buildings to Osika GmbH for premium renovation.


Osika GmbH, Ludwigshafen


Architekturbüro AAg, Heidelberg

Construction Period


Gross Floor Area

4.601 m²



Tool used for LCC and LCA Calculation


Living and working in a historical ambience means to maintain the existing architectural culture and create new residential designs through sustainable, future-oriented renovation and utmost exibility.


  • division into manageable owner communities (House-in-house principle)
  • addition of individual free areas for each unit
  • various housing offers for different user groups
  • development of individual layouts design from one-room apartments to loft apartments
  • combined commercial and residential use
  • sophisticated outdoor spaces are integral part of project

By this way, these new “old” parts of the city have not only been sustainable renovated and developed for their own benefit, but are additionally setting an example that is being followed in neighbouring districts.

Text source: Poster SB08 “City Conversion – Quartier Normand – Speyer”

Photo source: LEGEP Aktuell 2008